Caterina Marianne Heller Meyer

Caterina Marianne Heller Meyer (カテリーナ・マリアンネ・エレールマイヤー?) is a Character of the UnHolY SaNctuaRy.


  • Sex:Female
  • Age:23
  • Height:164cm
  • BWH:93cm (H) 58cm 89cm


Heroine of this work is the Priest of belonging "Boss of providence" Kingdom Church Patriarch report directly to the organization. Found the talent in the days of acolyte, I educated in special treatment by the Church later. The most important feature of her, is that can be granted to himself in the efficacy of as impossible in general in accordance with intelligence, the spirit force of law surgery auxiliary support such as "Blessing". It is a degree that is not the same as the general women put to the point to say physical ability of the original, but she can have the combat ability of par or more warriors and skilled by this special ability. Or the cost, law surgery recovery is fairly weak. Because it has been solve the case of some until now, trust from the church thick. And he went to this place and was ordered to set the combination and Constanze is a junior, and case investigation of the sanctuary unclean this time, since it had towards the destination Constanze ahead, fort alone chasing after her it was supposed to infiltrate.