Clementine is a Character of the UnHolY DisAsTeR.


  • Gender:Female
  • Height:152 cm
  • BWH:99cm (Icup) 59cm 88cm


A shrine maiden apprentice that can be used as a water spirit at the Temple of Water. One of the few human beings who can produce a great amount of "Shinkansen" which is the source of the shrine maiden 's power. She was found a qualification as a shrine maiden of water since she was born and was brought up with other qualified children at the temple of water.

The qualification as a shrine maiden is considered Sui Sui, but in the present situation where we have not signed a contract with a spirit yet, even if we sign a contract, the experience of exercising power is not quite enough at all. Also, because of her personality that made her feel like unfavorable conflict, she seems to be not suitable for battle with foreign enemies as a fighting shrine woman.

As Clementine also wishes to use the shrine maiden 's power to maintain a rich country land, as soon as the baptismal ceremony is over, the power of the spirit is scheduled to be assigned to the local temple where it is difficult to reach.

However, contrary to such a thought, Clementine will cast himself into the fight of the battle as a result of a certain incident.

The personality is gentle and friendly, there is a section that does not think too much about things. Education of seniors shrine maiden teaches some common general knowledge, but since there has never been to the world outside the temple, there is a place unfamiliar to the public. (When there is a shrine maiden of water going out of the temple, there is no problem as trustworthy followers are attached all the time.)

What is a Maiden of Water?

A woman who is able to borrow the power to interfere with the theory of nature from the spirit by contracting women who can produce more than a certain amount of shaman power with the spirit is a shrine maiden of water. However, as a price, they will continue to devote their spiritual strength to the spirit.

As the name implies, the spirit of water has the ability to control water, it produces water from nothing, and furthermore it can change the nature of the water that it put under the influence of power into various forms. In other words, it is possible to boil and freeze water, or it is possible to generate lightning depending on the workmanship.

In this way, the shrine maiden of water gains the power to protect people from the enemies such as demons, sometimes helping agriculture, sometimes under the protection of the water spirit, but the girls who lost their shaman power by contracting with the spirit are pregnant It is a lack of ability and even a body susceptible to the influence of the power of the globe.