UnHolY DisAsTeR

UnHolY DisAsTeR, is a Japanese freeware dōjin 2D Action game for Microsoft Windows.


Castlevania-like horror action game with Ragnarok as a theme. Players will manipulate Caterina Marianne Heller Meyer and fight against enemies to rescue their best friend Veronica Constanze Herror. Depending on whether you rescued Veronica Constanze Herror, the ending changes.


When the evil door opens by the wicked human hand An immature shrine maiden carries a fate to seal disaster.

To the west of the Aces continent, clean water flowed, there was a lush country. The prosperity of this country was preserved by the existence of equal power to God called "water spirit". People who live in this area benefited through special women who can worship the spirit and borrow the power of the spirit "water shrine maiden".

On this day, the apprentice shrine maiden "Clementine" was trying to perform the "baptismal manners" at the temple of water, receiving the power as a water shrine maiden. Clementine wearing ceremonial shrine maiden clothes goes to the back of the temple to fulfill an encounter with the water spirit with a nervous look.

Meanwhile, the existence of a mystery with the power of wicking was pushing towards the temple of water while spiraling around.



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