UnHolY SaNctuaRy

UnHolY SaNctuaRy, is a Japanese freeware dōjin 2D Action game for Microsoft Windows.


Castlevania-like horror action game with Ragnarok as a theme. Players will manipulate Caterina Marianne Heller Meyer and fight against enemies to rescue their best friend Veronica Constanze Herror. Depending on whether you rescued Veronica Constanze Herror, the ending changes.


While the Crimson month of ill omen is shining, Beautiful clergy landed to the sanctuary ... unclean.

Few days, there is the old fort near the border of the capital. Much blood is shed at the time of the siege of 200 years ago, managed to kingdom church no-entry zone as a "sanctuary" in the current, fort to be built as if remembering the late country already, Who shall enter she does not. However, missing persons case of neighborhood residents frequently than a few months ago, mass disappearances settlements all one is missing occurs at last. Church saw the heavy things make a life of settling the situation in "Boss of providence" clergy organization under the direct control of the Patriarch. To rescue best friend was missing, woman clergy "Marianne" towards the investigation sanctuary unclean in itself to "Unholy Sanctuary" and because of the resolution of a case as a member.

His land was defiled in blood, or engender tragedy also tonight.



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