Veronica Constanze Herror

Veronica Constanze Herror is a Character of the UnHolY SaNctuaRy.


  • Sex:Female
  • Age:19
  • Height:159cm
  • BWH:90cm (G) 57cm 87cm


Priest same as Marianne, of belonging "Boss of providence." Upon junior of the same monastery for Marianne, it is also a close friend is a childhood friend at the same time. Talent was outstanding that was born with even more than, is also to say that relatives of a certain high priest, was attached to the title of Archbishop report directly from immediately after changing jobs in Priest. Good at law surgery bite, expand in multiple directions instantly law surgery holy light the "Holy Light", have a specialty that can be triggered. It's got to the title the same as Marianne at the same time and changed jobs to priests by the fervent hope of Constanze, but Marianne that went to the same title on which I gained experience and track record various little things Constanze experience is not accompanied are worried.